Showbiz Actors Who Do Not Want To Attend Award Ceremonies

AWARD SHOWS are many interesting elements for both celebrities and peoples. It becomes more and more popular among the channels as well as social media. For several years many channels and brands these shows. Every year categories increased rather than in previous years. In 2020, social media organized an award function. Totally depends on peoples that they select their favorite actors through online voting. Some of the famous Pakistani actors refuse to attend these shows because they say that these shows are totally badly organized. In one talk show, they openly say about it.

Few actors who against are listed below;


Noman Ijaz is a famous Pakistani TV actor, film actor and TV, and show anchor. In 1988 he started his career in the industry and becomes a senior actor in PTV shows. Nusrat Thakur is the first drama of Noman Ijaz in which he played a small role. He played negative roles and fulfill these roles seriously. He started his career in comedy shows.


In Samina Peerzada’s show, he says that I totally disappointed in these shows. Firstly bad organized and mostly who deserved the award but did not get it. Noman Ijaz shared that, in his opinion, the love that one receives from the people é or the first love, these programs have no meaning for him.


Faiza Hassan is a Pakistani actor. Recently she spotted in the drama serial Nand.  She started her career in the drama industry. She attends many interviews. Faiza discusses mostly her work struggle. In Ahsan”s khan show, she shares her work struggle and discusses the industry and she pointed out that she against award shows.


Ahsan Khan was shocked and asks her. She replied, recently this year she got nominated and she goes there because she nominated. But when she reached the show organizer not recognize who is Faiza Hassan. After that, she fined her seat but another person already sat on my chair. I was shocked. As she stated, organizers must know about guests properly, welcome them warmly. On the other hand, social media organize an award show I was nominated there but not received any call or message from the organizer. I was wonder about these types of management.


Saba Qamar is the most stunning actor in the industry. She says that she started her career in 2004 but no brand no award shows contact me.

saba qamar

After that I will back to visit India all brands, shows want to launch their brands with me. She also arise a question that she does not agree with these nominations criteria. She is not a fan of attending award shows.




In AHSAN khan’s show,  Shamoon Abbasi says that I totally agree with Faiza Hassan that award shows are badly organized not see proper management.

Shamoon Abbasi

In addition, he says that when you nominated it was special feelings for you but other side many peoples are jealous of you. They were not happy to see you.



Badar Khalil is the senior Pakistani actor. She is an asset to our industry but she also against award shows. In added she says that award shows are nothing for me.


Mohsin says that in Lux Style Award his song was nominated Na Jaa in the best singer category but his drama Meri Gurya not nominated. He criticizes LSA about their nomination criteria because Meri Guria Deserves An Award.

mohsin abbas