Best sleeping positions

Sleeping positions can influence your health

In a doctor’s opinion, our sleeping styles cause good or bad effects. Many people mostly to lie supine on the bed while others prefer sleeping in a prone position. Naturally, every sleeping position might some impact on our health.

1.Sleeping Position On Belly

many peoples mostly care about their positions when they sleep. Sleep on your belly is not good position.doctors not recommend this position and refuse it. this position is worst for those peoples who suffer from back pain.

2.Sleeping Position On Back

Sleeping position on the back is an ideal position and it provides healthy sleep. doctors suggest that when you are in hypertension must sleep on the back.

3.Sleeping Position On Right-hand side

When you sleep on the right-hand side you will become comfortable. this position is good for neck and back pain. it improves your digestion system too.

4.Fetal Sleeping Position

fetal sleeping position is only to satisfy your intensity side pain but it would not help to prevent back pain.

5. Sleeping Position On Left-hand Side

doctors recommend this position to pregnant women because when pregnant lady sleep in this position her blood circulation boosts and it increases the movement of nutrients in overall the body.

6. Starfish Position

starfish position is totally pointed that you are too much tired and this position relaxes you but it’s added in, unlike activities.