Your mood affects the taste of food

This condition of the depressed and mentally disturbed gentlemen affects their sense of taste in such a way that they feel less bitter and salty tastes.

A new study shows that there is a strong link between the chemical balance of the brain and the sense of taste. Experts are hopeful that they will soon be able to gauge a person’s mental health from the taste in their mouths, and a test based on the sense of taste will be able to prescribe the correct prescription for depression, depression, or other mental disorders.

We know that the amount of chemical compounds in the brain of depressed people, such as serotonin or noradrenaline, is lower than normal, or sometimes both. It is now known that mental alchemy also affects the taste of food.

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For this, Lucy Donaldson and her colleagues from the University of Bristol, UK, gave 20 healthy volunteers two types of anti-depressant drugs. The drug, which increased serotonin levels in humans, made them more sensitive to sweet and bitter flavors.

That is, they felt these tastes a little too much. However, with the increase in norepinephrine, they began to feel the dull and sour taste. Some volunteers naturally had high levels of frustration and felt less salty taste.

Which flavors affect the sense of frustration or depression? It had never been considered before. We can now tell the difference between the effects of different chemical compounds and taste in the brain, ”said Lucy.

Psychiatrists can benefit greatly from this. Physicians nowadays rely on the emotional and physical condition of such patients to diagnose the disease and prescribe medication and call the patients back a month later to see if there is a difference. Jane Melcher, the co-author of the study report, is also a psychiatrist. He thinks that the first medicine prescribed by a good doctor gives 60 to 80 percent relief.

Experts prescribe medication based on estimation, but there is no reliable test to diagnose the condition. “I am so optimistic about the results of the study that in the next three to seven years we will be able to develop a test of mood that will be based on taste,” Melcher said.

Now the team intends to test the same test on patients suffering from severe depression. Healthy volunteers will be given tryptophan, a brain chemical compound. It will lower serotonin levels in healthy brains. The same thing applies to depression.

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The study also shows interest in companies that develop new compounds for consumer satisfaction. For example, a diet in which the consumption of sugar is half but the sweetness is as much as the whole amount. “Theoretically, it is possible to add a drug to food that balances the compounds in the brain and makes it taste better.” Or you can make tablets that increase or decrease the taste sensation as you wish, ”said Lucy.