China Unveils the First 5G Cruise Ship

For the purpose of offering passengers and crew access to onboard internet services, cruise ships often rely on satellite communications. However, the investigation of 5G technology as a potential remedy is a result of the desire for faster and more dependable communication. 5G has the ability to improve the onboard experience through faster internet speeds, increased connectivity, and compatibility with cutting-edge technology like virtual reality and Internet of Things (IoT) devices thanks to its high-speed data transfer capabilities and low latency.


Adora Magic City, popularly known as “Mo Du,” is the first cruise ship made entirely in China, and it was launched in Shanghai. The first 5G ship in the world is regarded as being this cruise ship. When completely occupied, it contains 2,125 rooms and can hold about 5,246 people. Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., a division of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, started working on the ship’s construction in 2019.

Chinese People’s Daily and Global Times publications claim that the Adora Magic City is a remarkably sophisticated product with over 25 million distinct elements. By having five times as many and thirteen times as many individual parts as China’s first domestic aircraft, the C919, and the “Fuxing” bullet train, respectively, it is more complex.

Two sea trials for the cruise ship will take place in July and August before it is formally launched for commercial operations the following year.